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Picnic Platform

Lisa Young 2013

The gestural form has developed from the concept of reaching out to the waterfall on one side and sitting back towards the river on the other, with a broken roof wrapping up above a seat. The hexagonal ribs are joined together by timber beams to form a tubular truss. It creates an organic form that sits well within its natural setting out of machined natural elements.

A strong motivation was to develop an expressive, imaginative structure out of Scottish timber. Treated Scottish larch is proposed for the structural timber frame. The individual timbers are all less than 3.5m long (most are less than 2.4m) which makes them readily available and easy to transport. The timbers shall be cut to size and treated before arrival to site allowing greater accuracy and simpler site assembly.

Scottish Scenic Routes, Falls of Falloch

Lisa Young reached the Shortlist of 5 in the Scottish Scenic Routes Competition with her sustainable design for a Picnic Platform. It creates an accessible viewing platform spanning the rocks and river where people can spend time enjoying the location from a dramatic vantage point, without interrupting the main vista of the waterfall.

You can see my design proposal for the Scottish Scenic Routes Competition at the Lighthouse in Glasgow, alongside the other shortlisted and winning entries, from the 14th of February until the 13th of March 2014.

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